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W1SQL Software has added a new product and we call it the eCallBook. With eCallBook, you will have the most current call sign information available at your finger tips. CDROM based call books are outdated by the time they go to press but with eCallBook you can get as many updates as you wish. The call book currently contains information on all active US, Canadian and several DX countries and is updated weekly. eCallBook works as a stand alone program or fully integrates with W1SQLPSK. 

W1SQLPSK was created using AE4JY's PSKCORE dll. We had several design points in mind while creating the program. First was a suggestion by Del, K1UHF. Del recommended we create a program that will track many PSK signals at once. In order to do this we decided to turn the common waterfall display on it's side. This new display is called the Waterspray display. It will allow you to copy up to 20 PSK31 signals at once. The Waterspray can be switched between color or monochrome display. We wanted the program to be easy to use so most program operations are drag and drop. A full database for logging your PSK contacts was added.  When you pick a signal to contact, the program will scan the signal for the stations call sign and look them up in the call book database. The program then tells you the persons name and QTH. You can log your PSK QSO's with a click of a single button. W1SQLPSK features over  20 programmable  macros that can be changed on the fly to meet your needs.

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Version 4.2 has several new features. Here are a few:

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