Version 5 Available now!!!

This is a screen shot of  W1SQLPSK.  It will allow you to track up to 20 PSK31 signals  at  once. The waterspray can be switched between color or monochrome display. The monochrome display can, sometimes, pick up weak signals better than the color. Most program  operations are drag and drop. When you drag the PSK31 stream that you want to talk to over to the Receive box the program will scan the stream for the call sign of the station that you want to talk to and fill in the logbook entry with the push of a button. W1SQLPSK features 30 programmable  macros that can be changed on the fly.  Many other, channel specific, program options are available by right clicking on the stream.

No other PSK program has the call sign lookup feature. This feature can be used to find that DX station that you've been looking for or that last state for WAS.